Internet. Distributed. Publish/Subscribe. Scalable. These words appropriately describe the revolutionary products that are being introduced in the software industry every day. Whether it is the latest internet-based chat server, a mission critical factory monitoring system, or an organization's worldwide collaboration tool, the same design principals apply. Traditionally writing such systems required a working knowledge of low-level networking protocols, development of software components to track remote connections, and the implementation of such advanced concepts as thread management. Wouldn't it be great if systems such as these could be written leveraging a high-level object-oriented design without requiring the developer to be concerned with their inherent distributed nature?

Introducing NetEvents

Welcome to the future of distributed publish/subscribe software development. Exemplar Development's NetEvents is a revolutionary publish/subscribe middleware solution that allows software developers to focus on solving real business problems, without regard to the system's underlying communication aspects. With NetEvents, distributing information to hundreds, even thousands of information consumers is as easy as invoking a single method on a local object reference. Consumers of information simply implement one or more methods to be invoked when new information is broadcast, and attach to the NetEvents service.